16-19 May
The Excelsior, Hong Kong

Special Program


Collaborating with C/LABORATORY in this edition, exciting works from numerous emerging Japanese artists under the C/LABORATORY PROJECT will be featured.

Bhutanese Thangka Exhibition

Thangkas are precious artworks of Tibetan Buddhism. We are honored to showcase some Thangkas from Bhutan. Since Karmamudrā is prohibited in Bhutan, one of Thangkas depicting Karmamudrā presented this time is a not-to-be-missed artwork.

Vvzela Kook – The Unrevealed Forms

(Parallel New Media Art Exhibition of HKC14)

Having performed at various music festivals and museums around China, Europe, and New York, Kook will now be showing a select few of her new media works at Moon Gallery as a parallel new media art exhibition of Hong Kong Contemporary 14.

Her works are primarily audio-visual performances and installations, but evoke a range of different atmospheres and emotions through her expert use of sound design and aesthetics.

Opening party: 17.5.2014, 8 - 9:30 p.m.

Exhibition period: 17-22.5.2014, 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. (Closed on Sun)

Angela Ho – Performance Installation

Having studied abroad in the UK, Ho’s works provide a refreshing new blend of two different cultures, and two different mediums.

Her performance installation work showing in Hong Kong Contemporary this year features traditional, pencil-drawn works coming to life through means of old motion-picture equipment such as zoetropes and zoopraxinoscopes.

16.5.2014, 6:30 - 9 p.m.

New Art Hong Kong: ArMe Chan, Uku Chan, Cassandra Lau, Vvzela Kook

4 artists of New Art Hong Kong organized by Roger Lin Studio and tumtum.hk are going to present some of their works at Hong Kong Contemporary, bringing brand new dimensions to local arts.

Inspired by multiple "invisible" flâneurs on streets, ArMe Chan has created numerous neo-pop artworks with humour and casualness, which greatly differ from the highly political, critical and depressive artworks found in Hong Kong's art scene.

With a strong focus on local space issues, Cassandra Lau voices her thoughts and feelings about her city using a rich mix of media as a young artist living in a confined flat.

As a loyal follower of painting, Uku Chan’s psycho-expressionistic works vividly portray deep frustration and tension from life with colours while emancipating himself from reality.

Embracing both audio and visual elements, Vvzela Kook produces cutting edge new media artworks influenced by steampunk and psychoanalysis, with her unique interpretations of traditional Chinese beliefs.

Hong Kong Fine Art Prize


Ng Sum Chi, Yau Wai Hoi, Chau Sau Lan, Kenny Mak, Hui Hoi Kiu, Ho Cecilia, Sampson Wong Yu Hin, Kenny Wong Chi-Cheun, Reni Haymond, Hui Kim Ho Phillip

Awardees of Buzz Award:

Li Hung Ching, Au Yeung Wing Ho, Sara Chyan

As it has done in the last two years, the Hong Kong Fine Art Prize (formerly the Hong Kong Contemporary Art Award) offers outstanding emerging artists international exposure with art residency in Korea.

Previous award-winning artists have received career advancement and cooperation opportunities with galleries; hopefully, there will be more rising stars in the Hong Kong art field.

This year’s Hong Kong Fine Art Prize finalists together with the awardees of Buzz Award will be featured in this year’s edition of Hong Kong Contemporary.

The winners will be announced at vernissage of Hong Kong Contemporary on 16.5.2014 at 6:30 - 9 p.m.

Docent Program

There will be an English docent program for art lovers in the following periods:

- 17.5.2014, 3-4p.m.
- 18.5.2014, 3-4p.m.

Interested parties please register via info@hkc.com.co. Please state your name, contact number and preferred time slot.

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