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Our Hong Kong-Korea cultural exchange exhibition, Simulacra Affinity, has moved to Busan Cinema Center from Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre and officially commenced on 6 December. With 29 Korean artists and 11 Hong Kong artists showcasing their works at the exhibition, it was a tremendous success as an essential program for cultural exchange between citizens in both places. We hope to establish more connections between Hong Kong and Korean artists to bring more fruitful activities.


We are honored to have Scott Kwon (CEO of Hong Kong Tourism Board in Korea), Seung Up Kim (CEO of Busan Cinema Center), Young Ho Kim (Korean film star) and many artists from Korea as our guests at the opening, since many of them came especially from Seoul. Hong Kong artist Cho Yeou-jui gave a speech as a representative of Hong Kong artists while Paris Moon introduced all artworks to our guests. By communicating between artists, Korean artists also have a greater understanding about contemporary art in Hong Kong and its artists.


The Hong Kong artists enjoyed a profound and happy journey in Busan. They visited many tourist attractions and historical sites in Busan, which enriched their understanding about the city of Busan. Besides, Busan Cinema Center invited the artists to see their latest musical production, Friends, which was an adaptation from the renowned Korean Blockbuster film and was directed by Broadway director. The trip and the exhibition expanded the artists’ horizon of culture and arts in Busan.

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