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In 2012, Hong Kong Contemporary has launched its debut event in Hong Kong, drawing collectors from all over the world to Hong Kong, which was an extraordinary success.

In May 2013, the second edition of Hong Kong Contemporary achieved great success not only in terms of number of visitors and sales, our great success on publicity that no other hotel art fairs can come close!

HKC is positioning itself to be a premier art fair and art event in Hong Kong. We aim to create an art fair that is of high quality at reasonable cost. To realize this goal, we are launching the Budget art fair this year.

Recent research on the art industry shows that the galleries’ primary source of income comes from sales at art fairs rather then sales at the galleries themselves. This research confirms the importance of art fairs in the art industry. However, participation in major art fairs is very expensive to the point that it is not profitable for galleries to participate. Therefore, various hotel fairs have become increasingly popular in Asia.

A True Budget Art Fair

In Budget art fair, our objective is to hold an art fair that is affordable by both exhibitors and art buyers. The cost for exhibitors can be as low as US$1,670.00. It will be a great opportunity for overseas galleries to promote their brands in this outreach art fair. While for buyers, the cost of artworks sold will be in the range less than US$3,800.00. This is an art fair you definitely cannot miss.